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Voice Summit 2019

Voice Summit 2019 1

After my personal conference draught, I attended my second one this year; the Voice Summit in Newark, New Jersey.

Unlike the Alexa Conference, Voice Summit featured voice technologies from Google, Microsoft, and Samsung as well as Amazon. It was a good opportunity for me to peer into these other players in the Voice First market. I made an effort to attend a wide variety of sessions including

Voice Summit Doorway
  • Learn How to Build Game Actions For the Google Assistant
  • Voice Design to Engage the Huge 50+ Market
  • How Developers Can Build Natural, Extensible Voice Conversations
  • Deceptively Simple-Designing a Voice Experience
  • Building engaging game experiences with Voice
  • Build and Monetize Your Alexa Skills
  • SSML in 2019
  • Manage Your Dialog Like a Pro
  • Creating Evolving Characters with AI
  • Voice Interactive Advertising
  • How ABC Got To Market First with Voice
  • Code Deep Dive Implementing ISP with Node.js
  • How to Keep Customers Coming Back For More
  • Alexa Skills Training
  • Deep Dive Into Building Multimodal Skills
  • Ways to build for Google Assistant
  • Building Robots That Respond To Voice
Voice Summit Keynote

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