Developing for a Voice First World

Sonic Branding, That Sounds Familiar

sonic branding

The three note chimes of NBC, the static “ahhhh” of HBO, Sonic Branding is not a new concept, but with the rise of Voice First technologies, it can be argued that it will only become more important. 

att&t united aflac nbc hbo logos

Sonic branding is the strategic use of music and sound to help reinforce brand recognition and enhance the consumer experience.”

Just as a good logo can instantly associate a brand to an ad, a ball cap, or the side of a semi-truck, Sonic Branding is a way to define an audible identity to connect with consumers. In the world of the audio interface, Sonic Branding will increasing play an important role, acting as a cue to the listener that what they are about to hear is associated with its brand.

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