Developing for a Voice First World

For the past several years I have been focusing on Voice First Technologies and specifically Alexa Skill Development. Every project I build for myself usually has an underlying goal of testing new ideas, experimenting with new functionalities, and increase my overall competency.

Figure Out Fanny

Figure Out Fanny

See if you can solve the mystery behind what makes this peculiar young lady. Kids will love the challenge of this fun word challenge.

Developed 1

Ninety Day Knowledge

Fans of the TV show 90 Day Fiancé get ready to be sent on your own 90 day adventure, as you are challenged with trivia about about your favorite guilty pleasure

Developed 2

Facts on Cat Facts

The definitive resource on facts about cat facts.

Developed 3

The Housewives Test

Think you know the Housewives? The Housewives Test is guaranteed to test even the most avid of Housewives fanatic.

Never Always Alexa Skill Icon

Never Always

Have you ever noticed how many song titles feature the words Never, Sometimes, or Always? We have, in fact there are so many we built this entire game around them.

TRah TV Title Match Alexa Skill Icon

Trash TV Title Match

You’ll be given actual titles and you must determine if it was from an episode of Jerry Springer or the Maury Show. The rules are simple, the challenge is not, and the fun is guaranteed

My B.Q. Alexa Skill Icon


Find your Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Tips For Runners

TIps for Runners Alexa Skill Icon

Get a simple to tip to help your training.