Developing for a Voice First World


A Puzzling Development 1

A Puzzling Development

By early 2018 I had already published a few fairly basic Alexa Skills, but my first attempt to build a fully robust Alexa Skill was "The Oddly Uncanny Fannee Doollee",…
Ninety Day Knowledge

90 Day APLA

If you haven't noticed, the basis of my Alexa Skills tend to slant in the direction of pop culture. For a while I considered trying to tap into the television…
sonic branding

Sonic Branding, That Sounds Familiar

The three note chimes of NBC, the static “ahhhh” of HBO, Sonic Branding is not a new concept, but with the rise of Voice First technologies, it can be argued…
Alexa Conference 2019

Alexa Conference 2019

For quite some time attending tech conferences was part of an annual ritual for me. Through the years I have met some amazing people from around the world, many who…
Trash TV Title Match

Talking Trash, My First Alexa Game

With The Oddly Uncanny Fannee Doollee, a word puzzle for kids, under my belt I felt it was time to try to attempt a fully fleshed out game. Over the…